How Does CBD Make You Feel?

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Written by kyle ON June 18, 2023

If you've ever been curious about trying CBD, you're not alone. Many people are turning to this natural compound to help them feel more relaxed, focused, and balanced. But how does it work, and what kind of effects can you expect to feel?

First of all, the effects of CBD are said to be non-psychotropic. That is, CBD does not contain psychotropic qualities like some cannabinoids (particularly THC from marijuana). CBD is a new food supplement that is still in the research phase. While the initial results are promising, there is a lot of doubt, misinformation, misconceptions, and sheer confusion surrounding this.

Since the use of CBD is still very new, there are still significant gaps in what we know about its effects. However, we can conclude that CBD is safe and legal, while its exact benefits are still being debated.

In this article, we'll take a look at CBD and how it can make you feel when you ingest it, so you know exactly what to expect before trying it yourself.


How Does CBD Differ From THC?

Before wondering what it feels like to use CBD, it is important to clear up any doubts you may have about the differences between CBD and THC.

For starters, THC produces a high, but CBD does not. Although both are cannabinoids, they may interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) differently. THC might be able to alter the mind of the user because it binds to the CB1 receptors for ECS found in the brain. What it does is activate these receptors, thus causing a high that gives rise to its psychoactive properties.

On the other hand, CBD may interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors in a different way. Instead of directly binding to the receptors, CBD could influence them in different ways, but it doesn't bind to or activate the receptors. For these reasons, CBD doesn't provide the same high as THC does.


What are the Effects of CBD? Is CBD Psychotropic?

CBD is a cannabinoid present in cannabis plants that has been shown to have therapeutic advantages. Because it lacks the intoxicating characteristics of its cannabinoid cousin delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) is less strictly regulated and can be purchased over the counter in most parts of the United States. Even high-CBD cannabis strains can be obtained online without a medical marijuana card.

CBD also has psychoactive effects. The physical and emotional feelings produced by CBD can be more subtle, but whether you call the effects of CBD a high or not, smoking CBD or using CBD oil tinctures makes you feel differently. CBD produces sensations that many people find just as pleasurable as THC. However, unlike THC products, consuming pure (or almost pure) CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test, as long as you carefully choose the right CBD product.


Will CBD Make You Feel High?

CBD and THC are both mood-altering compounds with significant therapeutic benefits, including pain and nausea relief, inflammation reduction, and treatment of several epileptic disorders. Despite the fact that both cannabinoids are psychotropic, only THC is intoxicating. While CBD promotes relaxation and calm, THC produces real euphoria and alters perceptions of space and time.


Is CBD Intoxicating or Psychoactive?

CBD is thought to be beneficial in the treatment of anxiety and sleeplessness. CBD is thought to help with anxiety and insomnia. While the scientific data isn't absolutely clear, the most common reasons consumers use CBD are anxiety, stress, and sleep issues. In short, CBD is a soothing substance for many people.

Interestingly, marijuana strains with large amounts of CBD and THC rarely produce negative effects, such as paranoia and anxiety that are sometimes associated with weed that is high in THC but low in CBD. CBD appears to "compete" with THC at CB1 receptors, thereby moderating the psychoactive effects of its racier relative.

Although CBD can improve your mood by providing a deep sense of calm and relaxation, it does not alter spatial and sensory perception or produce euphoria like THC. In that sense, both cannabinoids are psychoactive, but only THC is intoxicated. This also applies to Delta 8 products, THCA, and all other tetrahydrocannabinol derivatives.


How Does CBD Make You Feel?

As previously stated, the main sensation of CBD is relaxation. Sometimes, CBD is described as alleviating pain and discomfort or lowering tension and anxiety. Others may have an exaggerated sense of serenity and peace or simply a lack of negative feelings that they had experienced before.

People who smoke CBD-rich hemp flowers (buds) or high-CBD/low-THC marijuana flowers seem to experience the most obvious psychoactive effects. Because the hemp flowers (buds) contain more THC than other CBD products.

However, CBD can produce the following effects/benefits:

1)    CBD Can Make You Feel Calm and Relaxed

Some people report an increased feeling of relaxation and calm when using CBD. In fact, people often use CBD to reduce anxiety levels.

2)    CBD Can Help You Feel More Focused and Balanced

Many people report a more balanced feeling after consuming CBD.

But what do they really mean? When someone is well-balanced, it essentially means that they have a clear and peaceful mind. Balanced people have the ability to stay calm in stressful situations and build clear solutions without stress.

After CBD use, people report feeling more balanced, as if they just meditated or received a deep massage.

3)    CBD Can Make You Feel a Little Numb

Some people have reported a numb feeling after using CBD.  This is especially true when people use topical CBD products. After applying a CBD cream or ointment, people report numbness and tingling sensations. Some people also experience these sensations after ingesting CBD oil or CBD gummies, but these reports are less common.

4)    CBD Can Make You Feel a bit “Floaty”

Some people report a feeling of buoyancy when consuming CBD, and some even report feeling absent. However, not everyone feels the same way, and the experience might vary depending on different factors.

5)    CBD Can Make You Feel Happier

CBD can make you feel happy. In fact, some people have reported an improved mood after consuming CBD. Some users report having a more positive attitude and improved mood even during times of depression, nervousness, and tension.


6)    CBD Can Make You Feel High

CBD is not a psychoactive substance but there are some CBD products that include enough psychoactive chemicals that can exert noticeable effects on perception. This is especially true for all full-spectrum CBD products.

For example, most CBD gummies contain around 20-30mg of CBD and 0.3% THC. The total THC amount in these gummies is usually too low to induce significant perceptual disturbances.

If you use a full-spectrum CBD product in doses greater than 50mg of CBD, you may get the same high as you would with marijuana.

The Effects of CBD are Dependent on the Method of Administration

Vaping and smoking deliver active chemicals to the brain much faster (through the lungs) than other delivery methods. Taking CBD oil tinctures sublingually (under the tongue) is the second fastest method (although still much slower than inhalation). Consuming CBD edibles (including gummies) or swallowing a tincture is the slowest, as the CBD must be processed through the liver before reaching the bloodstream and brain.

Some consumers may detect the presence of any amount of THC when mixed with CBD. That's the well-known “entourage effect” theory, which states that cannabinoids combine to produce more than the sum of their parts. It's worth experimenting with different CBD products to determine what works best for you.


Can CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

CBD is derived from hemp and processed into a variety of CBD products. CBD Isolate and CBD Broad Spectrum contain no detectable THC and are the safest ways to consume CBD if you are worried about a drug test. Hemp-derived CBD oil is highly unlikely to cause you to fail a drug test

On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD contains trace levels of THC, and while it's also unlikely to cause you to fail a test, it should probably be avoided to be absolutely safe.

CBD extracted from hemp plants typically contains less than 0.3% THC (the legal maximum limit). You can verify the amount of THC a product contains by checking the third-party test on the manufacturer's website. If the seller can't produce proof, or if you're feeling indecisive, move on to a different company.

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What does CBD feel like for the first time?

Trying CBD for the first time can feel like a wave of relaxation washing over your body, easing your mind, and melting away stress. It's like sinking into a warm bubble bath, with a sense of calm and peace. CBD may also provide a subtle lift in mood, leaving you feeling more positive and happier. Overall, it's a pleasant and soothing experience that can leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

How does CBD change your mood?

CBD interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate mood, among other things. By binding to certain receptors in your brain and nervous system, CBD can have a calming and mood-balancing effect. It can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, while also promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being. CBD won't necessarily make you feel euphoric, but it can help lift your mood and leave you feeling more focused and balanced.

Bottom Line: How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Because CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, it does not get you high. However, many people report feelings of relaxation, numbness, or mental clarity after consuming CBD. Although these sensations aren't particularly powerful, and CBD is incredibly subtle, you might feel something after using it.

The effects of CBD vary depending on the individual, the environment, the situation, and the amount of cannabinoid consumed. The sensations you experience after using CBD can be calm and relaxation, pain relief, and mood elevation, but also tingling, numbness, or floating sensations.

Everyone reacts differently to CBD, and the sensations perceived by one person may not be felt by another. You might even notice something completely different after consuming CBD.

So, how do you feel after using this mild cannabinoid?

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