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At Carmen's, we believe in great experiences. That’s why we rigorously focus on product quality, transparency, and well-being.
Carmen's Medicinals CEO
Juan Romero
Founded Carmen's Medicinals in 2018 in the United States out of love for his cancer-stricken grandmother who was in need of alternative health solutions that can assist her through her journey.
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The Reason

Carmen’s family founded our company on a core belief: our products should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial challenges. We prioritize health and well-being, striving to keep our prices reasonable and our commitments firm.

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Our Mission

We believe in the power of CBD to enhance our quality of life. Our mission is to deliver high-quality products and expand access to cannabis therapy.

Produce high-quality botanicals from organic materials that are free of contaminants.
Partner with farmers and provide a local service to process hemp using clean and environmentally-friendly methods.
We strive to lead the industry in production standards, product excellence, community education, and service. Fueled by passion, our mission is to introduce sustainable products to our communities, presenting proven and viable alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals.

Leading the industry

As the interest in hemp oil grew across the U.S., demand for our products surged. Juan was consistently busy, managing orders and addressing customer inquiries. From a simple idea aimed at reshaping the hemp oil market, we evolved into a dedicated family business. 

In a span of four years, Carmen's Medicinals has emerged as a reputable name in the industry, setting standards in production, rigorous testing, and product quality. Our product development team is committed to innovation. By leveraging modern technology and selecting top-tier ingredients, we've crafted products that have significantly benefited many across the nation.

Commitment to Purity and Full Spectrum Extraction

Our extraction process is meticulous, prioritizing the preservation of the hemp plant's intrinsic properties. While many competitors opt for CBD isolates, we champion the use of "Full Spectrum Extract." 

This approach ensures that our products incorporate not only cannabidiol (CBD) but also the complete range of naturally present cannabinoids and phytonutrients. Together, these compounds synergize, amplifying their beneficial effects. Furthermore, our commitment extends to using only natural ingredients in our formulations, guaranteeing that you and your loved ones experience the utmost quality nature can provide.

Quality is everything

When we began our research into the CBD market, we were taken aback by the prevalent inconsistencies in product quality. Reliable products seemed few and far between. Most manufacturers, in their rush to meet demand, relied on multiple strains of hemp from various farms. Our solution was straightforward yet revolutionary: single-origin hemp – one strain cultivated by one dedicated farmer.

Furthermore, we refused to compromise on our extraction methodology. We proudly utilize a USDA Certified Organic, patented air extraction technology, ensuring our process is devoid of CO2, hydrocarbons, or solvents. And in our commitment to purity, we steer clear of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Our CBD extracts are always paired with the finest superfoods and plant extracts from around the globe, resulting in pure and potent products.

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