CBD Capsules - 25mg

2325 in stock (can be backordered)

CBD Capsules - 25mg

25mg of full-spectrum CBD per capsule for consistent wellness
Introducing our 25mg CBD Capsules, a perfect blend of simplicity and efficiency for your wellness routine. Each capsule delivers a precise dose of pure CBD, offering a consistent and convenient way to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your daily life. Ideal for those seeking a moderate yet effective support system, these capsules provide a straightforward solution to achieving balanced health and sustained well-being. Embrace the ease of wellness with every capsule. Read more...

Size / Volume

30 Capsules

CBD Quantity

25 mg

Gluten Free


2325 in stock (can be backordered)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
James Hurley (Rogersville, US)
First Time CBD User

I have a torn rotator cuff. I was looking for an anti-inflammatory that worked better for me than OTC NSAIDs. I thought I would give CBD a shot since I read it has anti-inflammatory properties. It took a couple of hours to kick in, but when it did, I noticed a pronounced calm feeling. It was very easy to relax and chill when feeling like this. It also had the anti-inflammatory effect I was looking for. When something makes my shoulder feel better I notice. It took the edge off the pain and I had some more mobility because of this. I did not feel high, dizzy, or sleepy, but I think it would be easy to fall asleep when experiencing this relaxing feeling. All in all, I was pleased with the experience, but I would take these on an empty stomach in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our CBD capsules. We're glad to hear that you found relief for your torn rotator cuff and that our product had a calming and anti-inflammatory effect for you. We recommend taking them on an empty stomach in the future for maximum effectiveness. Thank you for choosing our product, and we hope it continues to provide you with relief.

Michael Benishek (Wellington, US)
Product works fantastic

I was very skeptical but tried this for 2 weeks and then stopped for a few days. It definitely worked for me. Two days off the capsules and I was suffering terribly. Now...No more aches and pain in my hands and no more random daily aches elsewhere. My significant other tried it for a week and her hip pains are gone! We both take it daily and it has been amazing difference.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our CBD capsules. We are thrilled to hear that they have been working fantastically for you and your significant other. It's always great to see the positive impact our products have on our customers' lives. We are glad that you have found relief from aches and pains and we hope that our capsules continue to make a difference for you both. Thank you for choosing our brand. Keep enjoying the benefits of CBD!

Pamela Burlew (Anaheim, US)

CBD Capsules - 25mg

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our CBD Capsules - 25mg. We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to assist our valued customers. Have a great day!

Mary Bond (Orlando, US)
Great Product & Exceptional Sevice

I have ordered the 25 mg CBD capsules from Carmen's Medicinals twice. I have been taking them now for about 6 month now. They have really helped me with joint pain, sleeping & anxiety. I immediately noticed that I was able to achieve better sleep but beginning at about the 2nd month mark I really started seeing a difference in my anxiety & joint pain. Additionally they have helped me to cut back on my alcohol consumption which is another big plus! Carmen's not only provides great products at a reasonable price, they also provide exceptional service!!

Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience with our CBD capsules. We are thrilled to hear that they have helped you with joint pain, sleeping, and anxiety. It's wonderful to know that our product has made a positive impact on your overall well-being. We strive to provide exceptional service and are always happy to assist our customers in any way we can. Thank you for choosing Carmen's Medicinals, and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

Laura (Oakland, US)
CBD capsules

I have severe spinal stenosis. I’m a candidate for a spinal fusion , but who wants back surgery?!
My legs go numb when I walk too long and I have pain. I’ve been taking an NSAID for years to manage and to function . I decided to try CBD, but the products out there are so mixed in there quality . I did some research and found the 5 star review on Forbes. I love that these capsules are the real deal, actual pure ingredients and organic! I started taking two/day am and pm. Well, I’m thrilled to report I haven’t taken my NSAID for more than a month now! I have also modified my activities , I’m doing less walking, more resistance training and bike riding. So that’s undoubtedly a factor. But I’m thrilled, I’m going to continue to take these capsules for the rest of my life. Please don’t go out of business EVER!

Thank you for sharing your experience with our CBD Gummies. We're thrilled to hear that they have been effective in helping you stay calm. Our goal is to provide high-quality products that deliver the intended benefits. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to find our gummies beneficial.

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