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Is It OK To Take CBD After COVID Vaccine?

By Juan
CBD After COVID Vaccine?

Although the number of COVID-19 cases has dropped dramatically since vaccines showed up and vaccines are now more widely available.

Many people are preparing to get their first or second dosage of COVID vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has provided detailed guidelines on what to do and what to avoid before and after getting a vaccination, but one little information they missed whether or not you can take CBD or any other hemp product after COVID shot.

However, some individuals, such as habitual CBD consumers, may be hesitant to take their doses because they are unaware of how their bodies will respond.

Getting Vaccinated While Consuming CBD

We know that some consumers may be concerned about how their daily Cannabidiol intake would affect the vaccine's efficacy or if it will interact negatively.

First, let’s understand what if you consumed CBD before your COVID vaccination appointment. Is it safe to be vaccinated while taking CBD?

If you have consumed CBD before 24 hours of your vaccination, we don’t know how CBD will react to your system as the CDC has given no information on this data. What we do know is that many people have taken CBD before receiving a shot, and we haven't heard of anyone having an adverse reaction.

However, if you want to be on the safe side, we recommend not taking CBD within 24 hours before your immunization visit. Even if there is no evidence that it could be harmful, we always recommend the "better safe than sorry" approach because no information is available.

Taking CBD within 24 Hours after Receiving a COVID Vaccine Dose

If you’re a daily consumer of CBD products and want to know whether you can take Cannabinoids after the COVID vaccine, the CDC has not provided any guidelines and no studies have been done yet.

CBD effects vary from person to person, so you should hold off on consuming CBD dosage until 24 of your COVID vaccination.

Topical CBD Products

If you’re concerned about how topical CBD and COVID shots can interact, the topical products would offer the least concern due to the fact that when applied topically, it doesn’t interact with the immune system directly. Rather topical CBD receptors are found in the skin, joints and muscles.

In simple words, there is no chance that topical CBD products can interact with vaccines in the system. That being said, many people have used topical CBD to treat muscle pain that may happen after injection.

If you need to apply CBD topically to relieve pain, we suggest using a dosage of at least 500mg per ounce, as this will provide the maximum effectiveness due to its higher potency level.

You can choose from a wide variety of formula types, including CBD creams, lotions, salves, balms, and gels; all of these can effectively administer the cannabinoid into deep tissue via transdermal absorption.

CBD Edibles and COVID Vaccine

Since CBD products are consumed orally, including edibles, gummies, vapes, and tinctures, and directly interact with our immune system we can't say whether this is safe after a COVID shot or not.

If you want to consume any of these products, we recommend choosing a lower dosage amount or milligram strength than usual to avoid potential interactions as much as possible.

Cannabidiol for COVID-19 Treatment

We all know CBD has been approved by the U.S Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for medical purposes. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, so it has been considered for the treatment of COVID-19, especially for lung inflammation.

Research showed that treating COVID-19 patients with 300 mg CBD for fourteen days avoided the development of severe infection, reduced parenchymal lung damage, changed proinflammatory cytokine concentrations, and, as a result, lowered the risk of hospitalization.

The studies also showed that CBD had no adverse reaction or drug interaction with COVID vaccine, so you can take CBD after COVID vaccine.

The researchers actually recommended that CBD is a promising anti-inflammatory medication for treating COVID-19 patients who are severely infected.

However, more studies are required to evaluate the clinical benefits and side effects of CBD.

Does CBD use potentially weaken the efficacy of vaccines? What do we know?

We know that Cannabinoids, especially THC and CBD are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. So, Cannabis has the ability to modulate the immune system and might reduce the COVID vaccine’s efficacy in terms of producing antibodies against the coronavirus.

Cannabinoids act differently from other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories on the body and physicians are more concerned about high CBD dosage. So if you're taking 100 milligrams or more of CBD or Cannabidiol per day, it can create some sort of interactions and a reduction of antibody production.

However, in general, Cannabinoids are not viewed as a risk to the effectiveness of your vaccination shot.

Is It Safe to Smoke Cannabis Flowers or Consume an Edible After Getting COVID Vaccination?

Many experts stated that there is no evidence on how the COVID vaccine interacts with Marijuana and Alcohol. And there are a lot of consumers of CBD and alcohol who got vaccinated and there are no such side effects or adverse reactions experienced by consumers.

So, it’s OK to take CBD after the COVID vaccine.

Can I Get A COVID-19 Vaccine If I Consume Cannabis?

Yes, the COVID-19 vaccination can be safely injected into anyone who uses any kind of marijuana or cannabis.

However, we suggest that you not be high when it is time for your vaccination appointment. It’s not because that Marijuana can interfere with a vaccine shot or poses a threat to vaccine safety, the reason is that your healthcare provider needs your informed consent before giving vaccines. Marijuana makes you high so it can make it difficult for you to understand health information and can reduce your ability to ask questions.

It's even more important to receive a COVID-19 vaccine to protect yourself from the virus if you smoke because new evidence indicates that smoking can have adverse effects on a person's immune system and respiratory systems.

We have no specific recommendations about smoking Cannabis following any vaccination, including the COVID-19 shots. This is due to the lack of research on cannabis use and the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Can I Smoke Cannabis or Marijuana After Getting Vaccinated?

When it comes to smoking cannabis, experts say there isn’t much research on the exact relationship between Cannabis or Marijuana and the COVID vaccine.

If we talk about alcohol, it can affect our immune system. The World Health Center (WHO) advised alcohol consumers to minimize their consumption during the vaccination.

COVID vaccine has mild side effects such as muscle pain and headache, so it’s dangerous to consume alcohol because it can affect the biological system, including the immune system.

On the other hand, Cannabis (weed) could make these side effects better or worse. Although CBD helps to treat pain or nausea it can make it worse.

CBD impact varies from person to person, so it’s better to understand your immune system and other possible reactions before smoking Cannabis

Your Doctor Can Provide More Details

If you are concerned about an interaction between CBD and COVID vaccine, your doctor can give you perfect medical advice.

Make sure that doctor should be aware of your CBD routine and must be acknowledged of the following:

  •  What time of day do you consume CBD?
  • Type of CBD product
  • CBD dosage and exact milligram strength


Last Words

Although there isn't much evidence available on the potential interaction between CBD and the COVID shot, we can say that there haven't been any documented cases of someone experiencing serious side effects as a result of taking cannabidiol shortly before or after their first or second dose. Furthermore, when the vaccine gets more widely used, more data will be released, which should give us greater insight into how these compounds interact with one another in the body.

Symptoms such as fever can occur after vaccination due to the process of building immunity. These symptoms are natural and indicate that the body is building immunity. However, if you experience adverse effects from the COVID vaccine for more than four days, or if your symptoms go beyond mild discomfort, tiredness, and cold symptoms, you should seek medical care as soon as possible.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND consuming CBD in place of visiting a doctor and getting treated for a possible adverse reaction.


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