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How to Use CBD for Hyperactive Dogs 

By Juan
Best CBD for Hyperactive Dogs

CBD comes in many different forms, including oils and tinctures, edibles, and lotions. Medicated CBD is designed to produce a sense of relaxation and calmness in humans and animals without making them "high". The high feelings are associated with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

CBD has a variety of potential health benefits and is commonly promoted as giving relief from common symptoms of hyperactivity, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

As a pet owner, you may be wondering, "If I can get these health benefits, can my dog get them too?"

Read on to know about the best CBD for dogs, how it calms hyperactive dogs, how you can use CBD to make dogs happy, and where you can buy the best CBD oil for your dog.

What is Hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity is a mental disorder characterized by a lack of self-control, high stress level, sleep disorders, short attention span, and frantic activity.

Your dog can become hyperactive due to particular separation anxiety or noise phobia (thunderstorms or fireworks). The most noticeable symptoms of hyperactive dogs include rapid heart rate, abnormal urination, and an inability to adapt to their current surroundings.

Many veterinarians admitted that CBD has reduced anxiety and improved focus in their dogs, they also stated that CBD provides relief from symptoms of hyperactivity.

If you’re a parent of hyperactive dogs and looking for a natural alternative to treat their mental disorders then CBD might be a good option for you.

CBD for Hyperactive Dogs

According to a survey in 2016, the majority of pet owners stated that CBD improved their dog’s health on many levels, including mental disorders such as anxiety or noise phobia, inflammation, and insomnia.

Hyperactivity is often associated with anxiety issues.

Anxiety in dogs can cause symptoms of barking, restlessness, and aggressive and destructive behavior.

CBD is widely known for its therapeutic health benefits and calming effects. Research on CBD has shown that it produces relaxing effects on the brain of humans as well as animals.

CBD has anti-anxiety properties, it works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and produces a wide range of positive effects, including reduced anxiety. Moreover, the researchers haven’t fully understood the mechanism of CBD and how it reacts with our ECS.

How to Use CBD for Hyperactive Dogs?

CBD can calm down hyperactive dogs, it has the potential to treat mental disorders such as stress and depression. CBD lowers stress levels and anxiety and can help calm down a hyperactive dog.

There are many CBD forms available specifically prepared for their needs, you can use CBD for hyperactive dogs in the following ways:

CBD Gummies for Hyperactive Dogs

Gummies are soft chewing candies that make dog treats tasty and formulated with all-natural ingredients. Gummies are the best option for dogs with sensitive teeth or those who love soft texture snacks.

CBD Capsules for Hyperactive Dogs

Capsules are the standard form of CBD, if you want to give your hyperactive dog the exact CBD dosage then it will be a great option, as it provides effortless relief.

It’s also a good option for those dog owners who don’t want to add extra calories to their dog’s diet, as CBD capsules contain very little to no caloric content.

CBD Oil for Hyperactive Dogs

Want immediate relief? CBD oil is the best way to go.

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD, you can easily mix CBD oil in your dog’s meal or favorite snack. For quick results and immediate relief, simply place a few drops of CBD oil directly inside your dog's mouth.

CBD oil can provide quick results in just 20-30 minutes and these effects can last for 4-6 hours.

Cannabidiol is safe to use in proper dosages, however, it might cause adverse effects such as dry mouth, diarrhea, and appetite changes in dogs, which are usually well tolerated.

How Does CBD Oil Help Hyper Dogs?

CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants and then combined with carrier oils, these oils are fat-soluble molecules that metabolize CBD and help in distributing CBD to the body.

Many dog owners have started to give their dogs CBD oil due to its incredible health benefits. You can soothe an older dog or puppy who is suffering from a chronic disease by giving them CBD oil.

CBD and Dog’s Endocannabinoid System

CBD contains carrier oils that help deliver cannabinoids into the dog’s body effectively so that your pet can get all the health benefits of CBD. CBD oil calms a hyperactive dog by lowering the excess energy, it also supports ECS which regulates sleep, appetite, focus, memory, and mood.

CBD oil regulates these functions by interacting with ECS receptors.

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Hyper?

Is Your Dog Hyper or Just Excited?

Hyperkinesia is another name for hyperactivity, a canine condition characterized by frantic activity, high heart rate, salivation, high body temperature, aggressive behavior, abnormal urination, and other behavioral issues.

On occasions, dogs often show exciting behavior which is totally common in dogs. Hyperactivity is a condition when your dogs show constant excitement for no reason.

Let’s talk about how you can differentiate between hyperactive dogs and excited dogs.

According to research, dopamine and serotonin are the main neurotransmitters in the brain, these hormones are linked with hyperactivity in dogs.

If you want to identify whether your dogs are overexcited, look for the cause of their behavior. If your dog becomes excited in response to a specific occasion, such as meeting new people, seeing their beloved pet parent, playing with a toy, or in parks, all these are common actions of an excited dog, you don’t have to worry about it.

If your dog is overly excited for no reason, there may be a problem.

These are the situations in which your dog's behavior may become out of control.

Hyperactive dog behaviors include:

  • Short attention span
  • Lack of self-control
  • Jumping
  • Constant Vocalization
  • Spinning in circles for no reason
  • Salivation
  • Panting
  • Rapid heart rate
  • High body temperature
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Snapping at others

The duration of their excitement is another key sign of hyperactivity, which means a few bursts of energy during the day are normal, if your dog appears to be excited all day, there is a problem.

Best CBD for Hyperactive Dogs

Many veterinarians suggested the broad spectrum CBD oil, as it is one of the best CBD for hyperactive dogs.

With broad-spectrum CBD, you can avoid feeding THC to your dog while still providing the natural benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Carmen's Medicinal CBD oil is made purely from hemp plants and is a perfect solution for your dog’s health. We guarantee that all of our CBD products have been lab tested, and our CBD oil is made from 100% industrial-grade hemp, ensuring that your dog will not get high.

Can CBD Make My Dog More Anxious?

No, CBD doesn’t make your dog more anxious.

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to anti-anxiety medications then CBD can be the answer. It can help stressed dogs by relieving anxiety and making them happier.

There hasn't been much research on CBD and dog anxiety.

Does CBD Oil Chill Out Dogs?

CBD can help anxious dogs and controls nervous behavior such as storm phobia or separation anxiety. CBD provides the same benefits for dogs as it does for humans, ingesting CBD oil can help them chill out and calm down.

With a consistent routine of broad-spectrum CBD oil, your dog is empowered to accept the challenges of each day with confidence.

Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Dogs


CBD has anti-anxiety properties, it produces calming effects and relaxation but it can do more for your dog:

  • CBD oil regulates the natural sleep cycle
  • Calms an upset stomach
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves appetite
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Prevents Epilepsy and seizure episodes
  • Better and soothes skin condition
  • Helps with noise phobias
  • Uplifts overall well-being


There isn't any scientific evidence on the harmful impacts of CBD use in dogs but there are potential side effects based on how CBD affects humans.

Too much CBD can induce dry mouth in people, and it can also happen in dogs. To avoid any unwanted effects, make sure to use the appropriate dosage.

The Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs

  • Dry mouth
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness

Carmen's Medicinal CBD oil is made purely from hemp plants and is an excellent choice for your dog's health. You can incorporate CBD oil into your dog's everyday routine to ensure they get all the nutrients they require.


Can you give CBD to dogs to calm them down?

Yes, you can give CBD to hyperactive dogs to calm them down because it has calming properties and produces relaxation effects.

CBD products can help your dog to manage stress triggers, one of which could be separation from you, it can also help reduce discomfort and inflammation - giving your dog a better quality of life.

How much CBD will calm a dog down?

There’s no exact dosage to calm a dog down, according to many pet owners you should aim for about 0.1 to 0.2 mg per kg of your dog’s weight. It’s better to give CBD to your dog twice a day, it will help to calm them down.

Final Thoughts

Hyperactivity is a mental condition characterized by a lack of self-control, anxiousness, sleep disturbances, a short attention span, and frantic activity.

Your dog may become hyperactive due to separation anxiety or storm phobia. The most visible symptoms of hyperactive dogs include a high heart rate, irregular urine, and an inability to adapt to their current surroundings.

Many veterinarians have admitted that CBD has reduced anxiety and enhanced focus in their dogs, as well as providing relief from hyperactive symptoms.

CBD oil may be beneficial to dogs suffering from conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures. If your veterinarian suggests CBD for your dog, avoid products containing doubtful additives (such as artificial sweeteners).

We guarantee that all of our CBD products have been lab tested and made from 100% industrial-grade hemp, ensuring that your dog will not get high.

We want to make sure that your dogs are happy as well as healthy!




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