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How long does CBD tincture take to kick in?

By Juan
Carmen's CBD oil

If you’re wondering how long CBD tincture takes to kick in, you're probably trying CBD for the first time.

In general, pure CBD tincture is absorbed into the bloodstream within 20 minutes to 2 hours. The effects of CBD vary, which means it doesn’t the same for everyone. To understand how much CBD tincture takes to work, you must first grasp what CBD is and how it reacts to your body.

New to CBD tincture? You might have some questions about what to expect it.

We've gathered all the basics of CBD and how it interacts with the body so you can have a good expectation of how long it will take for its benefits to kick in.


What exactly is CBD?


CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. This chemical compound belongs to the cannabinoid family, and shouldn't be confused with THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBD is a well-known active compound due to its numerous health benefits, it is non-intoxicating, which means it will not get you high, no matter how much you take. CBD provides a wide range of medicinal effects, including seizure treatment, nausea, headache, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and many more!

Currently, CBD tinctures are the most popular product on the market.


How Long Does CBD Tincture Take to Kick In?


There are many factors that could affect how long CBD tincture takes to work in the body.

The concentration of CBD components in your tincture may require more or less time to start working.


What does it mean?

A stronger concentration of CBD would take effect more quickly and faster than one with a lower concentration. Furthermore, as CBD tincture can be taken with food and beverages, the effectiveness of the product depends on how it is consumed.

The CBD’s response time also depends on the severity of the ailment, for example, it will take less time and effort to treat mild anxiety than a more severe condition.

We can say that there is no one-size-fits-all response to this question!

Below we’ve discussed all the possibilities and factors which might influence the response time of CBD.

1)    CBD Dosage

If you’re trying CBD tincture for the first time, it’s recommended to start with the lowest dosage and notice how your body reacts to it, this will help you determine the appropriate dosage for your discomfort.

The high doses of CBD can support a healthy sleep cycle, you'll probably fall asleep within 15 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, low dosages can support general wellness and headaches or pain.

Choosing the right dosage could take a few days or a week to notice significant results.

2)    CBD Concentration

Want dramatic results? Try CBD tinctures with higher concentrations.

As a beginner, buy low-concentrated CBD products or stick with a low dosage if you’re trying higher-concentrated CBD products.

3)    Body Weight

We all know CBD is fat-soluble which means those who are heavier might have more fat cells and they can store CBD for a longer time in their bodies.

The higher your body weight, the longer it takes for CBD tincture to kick in.

4)    Your Metabolism

Your metabolism can work at different rates as it depends on your age, digestive system, genetic profile, and even your lifestyle.

If someone exercises on a daily basis, he may have a high metabolism and can notice the effects quickly. The faster your metabolism, the faster CBD tincture takes to work.

However, if you have a low metabolism, CBD tincture can take longer to take effect.

5)    Method of Consumption

How you take CBD will determine how long it takes to work:

Taking CBD Sublingually: The sublingual application of CBD allows you to keep the tincture under your tongue for 30 seconds, it could take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to take effect.

Inhaling CBD: This can be the fastest way to experience CBD’s significant results, and you’ll typically feel the effects within moments. Inhaling or smoking CBD allows it to absorb directly into the lungs, however, smoking CBD can be controversial.

Applying CBD Topically: Topical CBD can help with some illnesses, such as chronic joint pain or muscular discomfort. You can also apply CBD oil directly onto your skin as a CBD balm or lotion.

However, if you’re using CBD balm for stress, then a topical application may take longer and fail to produce the desired results.

Taking CBD Orally: If you take CBD capsules or CBD gummies, you can expect results within an hour. The oral application of CBD takes a longer time to take effect, usually 90 minutes because it must pass through your digestive system before being absorbed into your bloodstream.

Moreover, taking CBD orally produces long-lasting effects, these effects can stay in your system for about 6 hours, while a sublingual dosage could only last about 4 hours.

6)    Imbalanced Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a huge network of chemical signals and cellular receptors found throughout our brains and bodies which regulates our sleep, mood, appetite, metabolism, reproduction, and fertility as well.

The CBD interacts with ECS and helps alleviate anxiety and stress, betters mood and appetite, and improves our metabolism. If your ECS is well-balanced, CBD doesn’t take much longer to take effect.

In contrast, imbalanced ECS can take longer to feel the effects of CBD.

7)    Quality of CBD Tincture

The CBD industry is new and unregulated, for this reason, not all CBD products are created equally. Many brands offer CBD tinctures with no guarantee and do almost little or nothing to sustain the quality of their products.

Third-Party Lab Tested: Many local brands use harmful ingredients, additives, impurities, and adulterants which will definitely affect the efficacy and safety of your CBD tincture. Buy only high-quality CBD products that are third-party lab tested along with the USDA organic seal.

COA and THC Quantity: While choosing a full-spectrum CBD tincture, keep in mind that it shouldn’t contain more than 0.3% of THC. As a higher THC level can produce unpleasant side effects, it's important to check the Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure the quality and potency of CBD products.

Origin of CBD Tinctures: How long CBD tinctures take to kick in can be determined by their origin (from where it is produced). Buy CBD tinctures only from well-known and reputable manufacturers who have their own organic hemp farms. Avoid purchasing hemp from other countries since it may be polluted with pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and even heavy metals.


Carmen’s Medicinal offers a wide range of CBD products that are free from pesticides, and impurities and contain a legal limit of THC (0.3%).

From now on, stick with our high-quality CBD tinctures!


Choose The Best CBD Tincture For You

Pure CBD tinctures can alleviate chronic pain and stress within a few minutes, so it’s better to choose the potent CBD tincture.

You should also check out which CBD tincture might give you the desired results. There are two most common types of CBD tinctures:

Broad-Spectrum CBD Tincture: It contains a wide range of naturally occurring compounds from cannabis or hemp plants with 0% THC.

Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture: It’s a well-known CBD product due to its entourage effects, it contains all-natural ingredients and extracts of hemp or cannabis with 0.3% (or less) of THC.

If you want immediate relief from pain or anxiety, choose full-spectrum CBD oil, which takes only 20 minutes to take effect.


How long does CBD tincture take to work anxiety?

It takes only 20 to 30 minutes for CBD tinctures to treat anxiety. Keep in mind that the effects of CBD tincture can vary depending on the intensity of your anxiety, your metabolism, CBD tolerance, CBD dosage, and a variety of other factors.



How do you feel after taking CBD tincture?

CBD is a well-known chemical compound due to its calming and relaxing properties, therefore ingesting CBD tincture can make you feel relaxed. When you take CBD tincture, it takes about 20-30 minutes to feel an effect.

How long does it take for CBD to relax you?

If you ingest oral CBD products such as CBD capsules, gummies, and CBD edibles, you can expect to notice the relaxing effects between one to two hours.

However, taking CBD sublingually or inhaling CBD can make you feel relaxed within 20 minutes or less.

Bottom Line

As a disclaimer, we should clarify that we are not making any medical claims about CBD treating any ailment. The above guidelines are intended to give you a basic knowledge of how long CBD tincture can take to kick in.

In this article, we’ve discussed all the possible factors which may influence your results and experience, but at the very least, you’ll have a baseline to determine the response time of CBD tincture.



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