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Hemp VS Marijuana

By Juan
Hemp VS Marijuana

They are not the same thing. Shocking I know. Hemp has been wrongly judged thanks to the many misconceptions about the cannabis plant and the never-ending war on drugs.

Both of them come from the same cannabis plant but are completely different in chemical composition and uses.

On the one hand, hemp has high levels of CBD (non-psychoactive) and a lower concentration of THC (psychoactive) which cancels out the psychoactive effects. Whereas marijuana has from 3% to 20% THC.

On the other hand, they have entirely different purposes. Marijuana is harvested for recreational and medicinal purposes and normally indoors. Hemp is usually cultivated outdoors for clothing, rope, bioplastic, cosmetics, therapeutic purposes and as a dietary supplement.

Additionally, even though marijuana has gained a lot of legal ground, it’s usually illegal in most parts of the world due to its recreational purposes. And hemp’s cultivation and consumption is legal under certain conditions.

Frankly, the bad reputation of hemp is due to bad marketing and the long-lasting effects criminalization has left us with. The best way to fight this is with information, you have to help educate your community on hemp’s never-ending benefits and marijuana’s uses and purposes.

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