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Does CBD Smell Like Pot When Smoked?

By Juan
CBD Smell Like Pot

Let's get started with a frequently asked question: Does CBD smell like pot when smoked? The answer is simple and complicated at the same time.

If you're wondering if CBD smells like pot, you're definitely thinking about purchasing your first CBD product. The quick answer is that the scent of CBD varies depending on the product. For example, a high-quality CBD extract won't smell like a pot, although a full- or broad-spectrum product would.

When people consider CBD Oil, they also ask about its smell since CBD and Marijuana drugs are both found in the Cannabis plant. When it comes to the smell of Cannabis, many people hate the smell of Marijuana since it’s an incredibly strong and skunky odor.

First, you should know the fact that CBD itself doesn’t produce any scent because CBD is extracted from the Hemp plants, so the compounds that produce odor and affect taste are not extracted with CBD. If you were to smell a pure CBD sample, it wouldn't really smell like anything.

Read on to find out what causes the subtle scent of CBD and what other possible scents you may experience.

CBD Smell Depends On Its Ingredients

CBD smell depends on other ingredients, if you consume any oil product of CBD which is combined with other oils to give it a flavor. Many brands use MCT oil, which is extracted from coconut oil, therefore it usually smells like coconut oil.  Sometimes, CBD oils are combined with Hemp oil which has an odor of Marijuana. However, most consumers claim that the smell of hemp oil is more similar to grass than the skunk scent of Marijuana.

If CBD oil smells like Marijuana, it’s not nearly as strong. These oils mainly serve as flavoring, they don't have a smell that others may notice.

So, CBD doesn’t smell like Pot when smoked. However, CBD oil smells like the type of oil it is. It might smell something like grass if it's a natural flavor or if there are no other flavorings.

Do CBD vapes smell like weed?

CBD vapes can produce different odors. In vapes, CBD oil is combined with food additives to produce certain flavors. All these ingredients together can produce a smell.

But, CBD vapes don’t smell like weed or Marijuana, as Marijuana often smells like a skunk-like scent combined with earthy tones. CBD does not have these same qualities and is more likely to smell like its ingredients.

When you burn CBD oil in vapes, it produces an odor but it’s not as strong as Marijuana.

As smoking Marijuana is the same as burning the actual flower part of the Cannabis plant, it produces an odor of all natural herbs and substances present in the flower, so it smells like skunk and rotten eggs.

However, when someone smokes CBD, the only thing that burns is CBD oil, which doesn't include as many odor-producing substances.

Does CBD flower smell when you smoke it?

Yes, if you smoke CBD pure and rich hemp flowers, it will have the familiar cannabis scent. However, if you use a CBD isolate or distillate, it will be odorless.

People who smoked stated that CBD flowers, like their notorious family Marijuana, have a strong "skunky" scent while some people did not notice the skunky smell.

The smell of CBD flower depends on its purity and high potency.

What does CBD smell like?

Terpenes are chemical compounds that give Cannabis its odor. Compared to other plants, the Cannabis plant contains more terpenes (aromatic compounds).

CBD smell depends on the Cannabis strain that is used to make CBD products, the terpene compound can produce a variety of scents like fruity, skunky, earthy or even flowery smell. If you’re consuming pure CBD products, they will be tasteless and odorless because they don't contain terpenes. This is because CBD isolates are thoroughly refined, leaving only the CBD (Cannabidiol) compound left behind.

Broad Spectrum CBD & Full Spectrum CBD

It's a broad-spectrum CBD oil if the extraction or refining procedure leaves some trace amount of THC, terpenes, or other substances behind. Because broad-spectrum CBD contains terpenes, it may maintain the aroma of the cannabis plant from which it was derived.

Full-spectrum products, in contrast to broad-spectrum CBD, go through less refining and contain all the compounds present in a cannabis plant. Full-spectrum CBD will smell like a pot because all of the terpenes are present.

If you want CBD flavored CBD vape juice, there are many options available, including pineapple, strawberry, mint flavor, cotton candy and more.

Does CBD Flower Smell Like Pot?

Yes, CBD flowers smell like pot.

We all know plants’ flowers have the most scent. So, the Cannabis flower or bud is the same although it doesn’t look like a regular flower.

Why does CBD flower smell like pot? The answer is again terpenes (aromatic compounds).

We have explained above, terpenes compound produces scent. When you smoke Cannabis flowers, you will notice a stronger smell and taste.

The particular aroma of a CBD flower depends on the cannabis plant strain, and there will be a scent whether the plant is marijuana or hemp. A quality CBD flower should smell fruity, flowery, earthy, or citrusy. Avoid it if it smells like hay or is odorless, as this indicates poor quality.

Do CBD Cigarettes Smell Like Pot?

CBD cigarettes often smell like pot

Let’s see how CBD cigarettes are different from Marijuana cigarettes;

CBD and Marijuana cigarettes, both have similar smells.

CBD cigarettes, on the other hand, smell less strong than marijuana cigarettes. This makes sense because hemp and marijuana flowers both are derived from the cannabis plant, but with different cannabinoid ratios.

Factors That Affect CBD Smell

1)      CBD Flavor

The flavor of the CBD product has the most impact on how it smells. These flavors vary the smell as well as the taste of the CBD products. If you consume unflavored CBD, you will not experience any taste or smell.

A CBD product with a flavor of pineapple would smell sweet and tropical, and one with a menthol flavor would smell minty. 

Make sure to pick a flavored CBD product that you enjoy the most.

2)      CBD Freshness

Freshness is the second most factor that impacts CBD smell. If you consume a fresh CBD product, you will experience a stronger taste and smell of hemp flower.

However, how can you tell if those CBD cigarettes are fresh? You can review the lab records, which should include the manufacturing date.

The more recent the production date, the fresher the CBD products are.

3)  Terpenes Compound

Cannabis plants contain many terpenes, these compounds also contribute to the CBD smell. Terpenes can produce earthy or musky, flowery, rosemary, citrus aroma, cinnamon, basil, pine tree smell and even tobacco scent.

Rather than focusing on smell, buy a high-quality CBD product with optimal Cannabidiol ratios. Choose a CBD to isolate if your state doesn't accept more than 0.3% THC level.

4)  Stabilization

Everything affects CBD stabilization from the soil used to grow Hemp fields to the refinement process. The more stable the Cannabis plant’s genetics, the higher the chances of Cannabis smell in the final CBD product. Avoid CBD products that contain compounds that use additives to replicate the smell of your favorite cannabis variety.

CBD That Doesn’t Smell

We hope we have satisfied your ‘does CBD smell like pot’ curiosity. If you want to enjoy the health benefits of CBD, make sure to buy pure and high-quality products that are tasteless and scentless.

Instead, look for CBD products that smell like the hemp plant which indicates its purity. Moreover, CBD isolates can also be purchased in the form of oils, which you can mix with smoothies, drinks, or food, or take orally by itself.

It contains all-natural ingredients with a legal amount of THC content i.e. 0.3% which means you don’t have to worry about getting high.

Last Words

When you smoke CBD, it can have a smell, just like anything that you can smoke. After burning the hemp, the aroma becomes much more potent. Many people who haven't tried CBD cigarettes are curious about the flavor and whether the scent of smoked hemp stays.

Hemp flowers are used to make CBD cigarettes, which typically have an earthy, natural scent similar to freshly cut cannabis. The smoke from CBD cigarettes has an aroma similar to that of burning tobacco and marijuana.

CBD can sometimes smell like a pot when smoked. CBD smell is determined by a variety of factors, including flavor, ingredients, additives and the presence of terpenes compounds.

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