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Does CBD Oil Help with Sex ?

By Juan
Does CBD Oil Help with Sex

Over the past few years, CBD has gained much attention in the health industry. CBD, better known as Cannabidiol, is derived from the Cannabis plant and is a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). It is believed that some cannabis strains may be beneficial for sexual intercourse.

Cannabis plants contain two main active substituents, CBD and THC. THC is a chemical compound that makes you high and responsible for intoxicating effects, whereas, people take CBD for many reasons, such as reducing chronic pain, controlling anxiety issues and depression, and people may also recommend CBD to improve sex.

Studies suggest that CBD improves female satisfaction with orgasm, while other studies indicated that CBD oil lowers sex drive in males. However, more research is required on how CBD is associated with better sex life.

Read on to learn more about how CBD oil help with sex, CBD oil benefits, its side effects, and how you can take CBD products for sex.

How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Sex Life ?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to maintain an erection for a long time to have a satisfying sexual experience. It’s common and it becomes worse as you get older, if you’re between the ages of 40-70, there’s a 52% chance that you will experience ED, and it is estimated that by the year 2025, there will be 322 million cases worldwide.

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to low blood flow, high-stress levels, diabetes, and unbalanced hormones, all these physical and psychological symptoms can disturb your performance in bed and overall satisfaction from sex.

According to a study, CBD can improve blood circulation, resulting in a better erection and a longer duration of intercourse.

CBD isn’t only a buzzword, it’s actually a magical cure that can improve your sex life exponentially. In reality, CBD oil is a supporting element and has a great contribution to the sexual wellness industry.

Traditional CBD products such as CBD oil, topicals, and edibles can improve a person’s health, moreover, there are specific CBD products for the purpose of better sex life such as CBD lubes, creams, and gels.

CBD Sexual Benefits

There are not enough studies about CBD and sexual benefits but the huge demand for CBD oil for sex has shown that it can improve people’s intimate life.

  • Sexual Anxiety

The male population always experiences stress and sexual performance anxiety which prevent them from having pleasurable and satisfactory sex. According to numerous studies, CBD oil helps to treat anxiety disorders and reduces stress levels, consuming 300-600 mg of CBD can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms related to sexual activities.

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

According to studies, CBD improves ejaculatory function and enhances performance in bed, and could promote blood flow to the penis. Better blood circulation in the penis produces a better erection and facilitates longer-lasting sex.

However, this needs to be clinically tested and more research is required to understand how it works.

  • CBD boosts Libido

ECS receptors are found in sexual reproductive orgasms such as testicles, CBD interacts with our ECS (endocannabinoid system) and boosts libido by reducing anxiety. ECS receptors are also found in the brain that controls arousal and helps people with low sex drive.

It’s hard to find out the right dosage for this purpose since there aren’t many studies related to CBD and libido.

  • Low Sex Drive

According to studies, chronic Cannabis consumers often experience low sex drive, so it’s better to take CBD in balanced dosage and start consuming it after a specific age (avoid excessive use of cannabis).

How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction?

According to an American survey, 30 million of the male population suffer from Erectile Dysfunction while researchers aren’t exactly sure how CBD oil helps with ED and is believed that CBD lowers stress levels and increases blood flow, resulting in a better erection and increases the duration of sex.

For those who are concerned about CBD oil dosage, there’s no specific way to use CBD oil, take a few drops of oil and hold it for 30 seconds under the tongue, 30-40 minutes in advance. Some studies have found that chronic CBD usage may actually reduce sex drive, but intermittent use may provide a much-needed boost.

What are the Effects of CBD on Sex Hormones?

The studies on woman’s sex hormones showed an increase in Estrogen, Estradiol, Progesterone, and Testosterone levels. Moreover, ingesting CBD for a few days lowers Cortisol levels, the main stress hormone in the body.

CBD also increases neurotransmitter anandamide levels which are associated with oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, and anandamide can assist improve feelings of emotional connection and intimacy with your partner.

How to use CBD intimacy oil?

Apply CBD oil to intimate areas, pour as much CBD intimacy oil as you like into your palm and directly apply where you want to lubricate. CBD lubricant or intimacy oil can be applied to the vulva, breasts, penis, or any other part of the body, avoiding using CBD oil in bathtubs or showers.

CBD Oil for Sex

CBD oil is a popular choice for consuming CBD, take a few drops of oil under the tongue and hold it for 30 seconds. You can experience the effects of CBD oil after 20-30 minutes and these effects can last up to 4-6 hours.

CBD oil improves your sex life by decreasing stress levels, take CBD oil 30 minutes before bedtime if you want pleasurable and satisfactory sex.

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, you can choose an oral form of CBD such as capsules, gummies, and edibles.

CBD Sex Gummies

If you have erectile dysfunction or want to relax your nerves, then CBD gummy is the best way to go. Carmen’s Medicinal is featuring the best CBD gummies which can help to reduce your stress and anxiety during a performance while improving the blood pumping through your penis.

Whether you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction for years or are new to this issue, we’re confident that our CBD gummies will surely help to improve your performance.

Topical CBD for Sex

Apply CBD topically for physical discomfort or tension, including headaches. You can also take CBD oil while applying CBD topically for better results.

Topical CBD products include CBD lotions, salves, creams, and massage oil, CBD has a relaxing effect that can assist you in getting the right gears in motion to stimulate sexual pleasure. Unlike commercially available lubricants, high-quality CBD salves, lotions, and massage oils are made with natural ingredients and some of which may even boost the effects of CBD for sex.

How to Use CBD Products for Sex?

Taking CBD Before Sex: You can take CBD oil, capsules, gummies, and edibles 30 minutes before bedtime to promote relaxation.

Taking CBD During Foreplay: You can use CBD massage oil or apply CBD lube to reduce dryness and make the foreplay more enjoyable.

Shortly Before Sex: You can vape CBD to relieve anxiety and improve sensation.

Drawbacks of CBD on Your Sexual Life

According to World Health Organization (WHO), CBD oil is safe but it can affect your sexual life badly.

The potential side effects of CBD include:

  • Excessive usage of CBD can reduce sperm count
  • It can also interfere with women’s reproductive cycle
  • It lowers sex drive in chronic users of CBD

It’s best to take CBD in proper dosage and start with a small dose, you can increase the dosage as you become comfortable.


When should I take CBD oil for sex?

To feel relaxed, you should take CBD oil 30 minutes before sex. CBD oil stimulates blood flow and reduces stress, you can also take CBD edibles or consume it orally before having sex to promote relaxation.                                                                     

Does CBD help in bed?

In short, yes. CBD can help you in bed and make you last longer. It reduces stress and anxiety levels, increases libido, and improves your performance in bed.

Does CBD increase pleasure?

CBD increases neurotransmitter anandamide level which is linked to the cuddle hormone ‘oxytocin’. Anandamide can improve feelings of emotional connection and intimacy with your partner.

CBD has a relaxing impact that can help you get the right gears in action to stimulate sexual pleasure if you desire pleasurable and enjoyable sex.

The Bottom Line

The studies support CBD’s efficacy for erectile dysfunction (ED) by improving blood circulation in the penis. Low blood flow, high levels of stress, diabetes, unbalanced hormones, and other physical and psychological symptoms can cause erectile dysfunction, which can affect your performance in bed and your overall satisfaction with sex.

A study found that CBD can increase blood flow, which can lead to a better erection and longer intercourse. However, there is not much research has been done on the relationship between cannabinoids and sex life.



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