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Does CBD Help To Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

By Juan
does CBD quit smoking

Does CBD help to quit smoking cigarettes? Is a viable question.

Cannabis or hemp plants contain the active cannabinoid component CBD (Cannabidiol), which is now commonly used for medical purposes.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances found in tobacco products.

Each year, it causes millions of deaths worldwide.

In the USA, over 40 million people suffer from nicotine addiction, and standard treatments do not seem to be effective in helping these people quit smoking or get rid of their addiction.

Studies have shown that CBD may help with the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking.

This is great news for tobacco smokers who want to let go of life-threatening addictions and live healthy life.

Let’s start with the good news ‘CBD helps to quit smoking cigarettes.

If you want to quit smoking cigarettes then you should try CBD oil. It also reduces the cravings of smoking tobacco.

How CBD helps you to Quit Smoking?

1. Cannabidiol Reduces Cigarette Consumption

Research revealed a direct relationship between CBD and smoking cigarettes. The study in 2013 showed a 40% decrease in cigarette consumption who were tobacco addictive, adults noticed after taking CBD they felt less motivated to smoke tobacco.

Moreover, The study included 30 tobacco-addicted people who smoked more than 10 cigarettes per day.

They were also given an inhaler to use whenever they felt the need to smoke. This research lasted for 21 days, these tobacco-addicted individuals consumed 800 mg of CBD per day.

After 21 days, a survey was conducted in which cigarette consumption had dropped by 40% in the CBD group.

Furthermore, the participants stated that they got less pleasure from seeing other people smoking.

As you can see, these studies showed evidence that CBD reduces cigarette consumption. If you’re looking for quality products to stop smoking, you can find a range of CBD products at Carmen’s Medicinals website to ease withdrawal symptoms.

2. CBD Fights Tobacco Withdrawal Symptoms

Nicotine, like the drug cocaine, is highly addictive, which is why it is so difficult for people to quit smoking cigarettes. If you use CBD oil or other Cannabidiol-based products to quit smoking you will face difficult barriers to tobacco withdrawal symptoms.

CBD combats the psychological symptoms of tobacco withdrawal, such as headaches, irritability, depression, anxiety, and nausea. These withdrawal symptoms may appear only in the first few days.

Quitting smoking is difficult, and you will face barriers. CBD products make it easier for you and reduce the symptoms of tobacco withdrawal.

Common Tobacco Withdrawal Symptoms After Quitting Cigarettes

When you use CBD oil or gummies to stop habitual smoking, you can experience psychological side effects.

The common nicotine/tobacco withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Craving for nicotine
  • Depressive feelings
  • Frustration
  • Restlessness
  • Increased stress
  • Mood swings

How to Use CBD to Stop Smoking?

As you can see, CBD has a number of benefits that can help with quitting smoking. But how exactly should CBD be used to combat nicotine addiction? Here are a few easy suggestions to get you started:

1. Always Buy High-Quality CBD Products

The quality of cannabidiol-based products determines how CBD benefits your health and how it treats your cigarette addiction.

The origin of CBD (where it comes from) also impacts your health.

All CBD products must meet the following criteria:

The Hemp Source: Only prioritize those brands that have their own organic hemp fields. Avoid purchasing hemp from outside the United States because it may contain pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and even heavy metals.

The THC Quantity: It is illegal to exceed the legal THC limit of 0.3%. Many CBD products may contain THC levels higher than the legal limit, which can harm you and negatively impact your health.

Lab Reports and Certificate of Analysis (COA): Always purchase CBD products from well-known brands that have certificates of analysis (COA). The COA contains information about the product's phytochemical profile, such as THC content and purity levels.

Carmen’s Medicinals has high-quality CBD products from capsules to gummies. Our products don’t contain any harmful ingredients, you can also check our lab-tested reports and Certificate of Analysis (COA) at our website.

2. Start with a Low Dosage

Although there are no dosage recommendations for quitting cigarettes because CBD oil has not been professionally studied for nicotine addiction.

Only studies and research have been done on how CBD can help in smoking cessation. But we have always found evidence that CBD reduces the withdrawal symptoms associated with cigarette addiction.

CBD dosages have different effects depending on a person's weight, metabolism, and the potency of their Cannabidiol products.

We recommend you start with a low dose of 10 to 15 mg and observe how your body reacts. If this works for you, gradually increase your dose to find the right dosage that reduces the salience of tobacco stimuli.

3. Choose Full-spectrum CBD Oil

Why should you use full-spectrum CBD oil? The answer is: Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the necessary Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and trace amounts of THC.

These beneficial compounds work together to improve your health and avoid those negative reactions (THC psychotropic effects).

Full spectrum CBD oil is the more desired type of Cannabidiol product.

If you are concerned about the amount of THC in your CBD oil, you can choose a broad-spectrum CBD oil that only contains CBD, terpenes, and adjunctive Cannabinoids.

Vaping Cannabis: An Alternate Solution to Quit Smoking tobacco.

As cannabis smokers become more concerned about their health, they are trying to switch from smoking cigarettes (which involve combustion) to vaping (which doesn’t).

According to a social survey, 90% of adults (who use cannabis) still prefer smoking even though they are aware of effective solutions to their tobacco addiction. When people start vaping cannabis, many of them are able to quit smoking.

According to researchers: if vaping cannabis becomes common in the future, the next generation of cannabis users may never have been exposed to nicotine or tobacco.

How CBD Can Be Utilized To Overcome Tobacco Habit?

The way CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is not yet fully understood. Some researchers demonstrate the mechanism and action of CBD on the ECS, while others completely disregard it.

In every study, there are always guesses and doubts that need to be clarified.

However, many people who begin vaping quit smoking, indicating that cannabis and/or CBD inhaled in ways other than smoking may help people quit smoking.


Does CBD help with quitting tobacco?

CBD reduces the desire to smoke tobacco. Despite this, there are no actual studies and research on 'does CBD help with quitting tobacco?' It combats the unpleasant symptoms of tobacco withdrawal.

What CBD is best to quit smoking?

CBD gummies are found to be the best and most effective CBD to quit smoking. To reduce your craving for tobacco, you can combine different cessation methods.

Last Words

Tobacco and nicotine withdrawal is notoriously difficult. But if you're trying to quit smoking, we have some advice for you.

Combine various smoking cessation tools, such as CBD gummies, CBD oils and tinctures, and other CBD edibles which can help with tobacco withdrawal symptoms (headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and so on) and ultimately help you quit smoking.

Last but not least, if you really want to kick your nicotine habit, you can vape cannabis and smoke CBD joints as alternatives.

Simply ensure that your Cannabidiol products are sourced from a reputable and trustworthy brand that uses its own organic hemp, provides lab test results and reports and has a Certificate of analysis (COA).

We wish you luck on your quit-smoking journey!


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