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CBD Oil Keeps Me Awake At Night

By Juan

Do you take Cannabidiol to sleep? If you want to know anything related to CBD and sleep, then you’ve landed in the right place.

CBD oil is on the rise and gaining popularity as a general natural health remedy.

People are becoming interested to find an alternative solution to relieve ailments. This caused a rise in the growth of the CBD oil industry.

If you’ve any chronic problems that have existed for more than three to four months, then you can take CBD.

It doesn’t only treat health problems, it also improves the quality of your sleep and provides more restful sleep.

CBD combats anxiety and depression, new studies show that CBD oil doesn’t cause insomnia but it blocks out unwanted disturbances in sleep.

Want to know the science behind this fact? We’ve compiled all the studies and facts about why people are using it as a sleeping aid.

Read on to know about CBD’s effects on overall health!

Can CBD Oil Cause Insomnia?

First, you must know what Insomnia is.

It is a condition when you try to sleep and struggles to fall asleep but experience any sleep disturbance due to stress, anxiety, and poor sleeping habits. Stressful life events or trauma can cause chronic Insomnia.

Cannabinoids can fix your sleeping problems, it is not psychoactive which means it doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and won’t make you “feel high”.

In the majority of cases, Cannabidiol is not thought to cause insomnia.

Then, What Causes Insomnia?

The common causes include anxiety, depression, stress, and recreational drugs such as cocaine.

Other causes can be your poor sleeping schedule, mental health disorders, diet and lifestyle, caffeine, and physical condition. Sometimes, the Alcohols also cause Insomnia.

CBD is effective to treat anxiety, pain, depression, and stress, it also improves sleeping duration.

CBD Oil Keeps Me Awake At Night

The new studies showed that CBD oil treats sleep disorders like sleep apnea. It has active compounds knowns as Cannabinoids that have a great impact on your body.

What does this indicate, then? It means Cannabinoids should not be keeping you awake at night, in fact, it helps to overcome sleep problems.

Although, It is not clear why CBD would keep some people awake at night. It's possible that individual factors, such as sensitivity to the compound or interactions with other medications, may play a role. Another possibility is that the specific CBD product being used may contain other ingredients that can contribute to feelings of restlessness or insomnia.

However, if Cannabidiol is keeping you awake at night, you should check the following:

Type of CBD in the product

Where is the product form?

CBD oil ingredients:

  • Low dosages (15mg or less)

How many milligrams are in a single dose?

  • Purity and potency of products

The product’s flavors can also affect your sleep, if you take peppermint flavor, it might act as a stimulant.

Many people experience insomnia after taking Cannabinoids due to their low quality.

But you don’t have to worry about the quality and purity of products or anything as Carmen’s Medicinals offers CBD products with high-quality ingredients and exciting flavors.

Other possible reasons are other medications that you’re taking with CBD products and the time of taking Cannabidiol.

By considering these factors, you'll be able to identify the problem and discover the real cause of why CBD oil keeps you awake.

Research On CBD and Sleep

Cannabinoids interact and support our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and help in response to imbalances in brain health and the sleep-wake cycle.

In 2019 research was conducted on the fact ‘Whether CBD improves sleep and mental disorder such as anxiety or not.

A recent scientific publication has collected clinical evidence and documentation on CBD products that how it affects neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia and anxiety.

The evidence showed that it has a calming effect on our nervous system and it can treat a wide range of mental disorders like insomnia.

The sample had 72 patients of which 47 people were facing anxiety and the remaining 25 people were experiencing insomnia. All these patients took 25 mg to 50 mg of Cannabidiol on daily basis at once.

After the first month, researchers found that 79.2% of patients recovered from anxiety issues, and 66.7% recovered from insomnia.

Can CBD make you restless?

The effect of cannabis vary from patient to patient, people who take CBD before going to bed get better sleep while some people become restless after taking CBD capsules.

What’s the science behind this fact? The answer is CBD is biphasic.

It means Low and high doses can have opposing effects.

When you take low dosages Cannabidiol can make you restless while high doses provide restful and better sleep.

It's also worth noting that some CBD products may contain other ingredients, such as caffeine, that can contribute to feelings of restlessness. Additionally, some people may be sensitive to CBD, and may experience side effects even at low doses, such as restlessness, insomnia, or drowsiness.

CBD Could Potentially Cause Insomnia

1. Low Dosages Promotes Waking

CBD oil keeps you awake at night due to low dosages. If you take 15 mg or fewer doses, it can cause insomnia.

The research on low doses has shown results that Cannabidiol increases protein synthesis in specific parts of our brain that can make us awake at night.

If CBD oil increases your brain activity and you feel boosted and energetic, this is because you took a low dose.

If you take higher doses of the substance you might discover an adverse reaction.

2. Regular and Habitual Usage of CBD Oils

Once you find out that CBD helped you in better sleep then you start taking doses on a daily bases.

After some time, you will develop a tolerance against CBD low dosages as you become used to it and you will no longer experience any effect.

To get rid of this you would increase the dosage which will create an ongoing cycle and disturb usage patterns. You may develop a habit to take CBD for sleep and without taking it you will experience Insomnia.

Ways To Take CBD For Sleep

Cannabidiol comes in many different forms and you can take it in the form of:

  • Oils and Tinctures (under the tongue)
  • Pills
  • Capsule
  • Gummies
  • Oils and lotions

Also, you can take CBD as bath bombs, mouth sprays, juices for vape pens, beverages, and other edibles.

When to take CBD oil for sleep?

It takes 20 minutes to feel the effect of CBD oil and can take a little longer time for some people. We recommend you take Cannabidiol an hour (30 to 60 minutes) before bedtime to start relaxing and letting go of the day's stresses.

The following variables will influence how long it takes you to detect an impact:

  • Your metabolism
  • Dosage (low or high)
  • Method of taking CBD

According to clinical tests, CBD oils provide a much quicker effect than gummies and capsules.

As you put Cannabidiol under the tongue and hold it for 15 to 30 seconds. The molecules of Cannabinoids absorb directly into the bloodstream and you will experience the effect after 20 minutes.

Other ways of taking CBD before sleep such as capsules will have a slow impact.


Does CBD make you feel more awake?

CBD doesn’t make you feel more awake if you take high doses as prescribed. On the other hand, it can make you restless when you take low dosages and low-quality CBD products.

Can Taking CBD cause insomnia?

According to new studies and research, CBD doesn’t cause insomnia. Sleeping problems and insomnia are the results of poor sleeping schedules, diet, lifestyle, anxiety, and stress that can be treated with high dosages of Cannbinodiol.

Does CBD affect deep sleep?

CBD affects the sleep cycle but doesn’t affect deep sleep. It means it works as a sleeping aid and improves the quality and sleep duration as well. It also reduces the symptoms of insomnia.

Last Words

Cannabis plants contain CBD and serve as sleeping medicine.

It is known for its calming and relaxing effects, but for some people, it can actually have the opposite effect and keep them awake at night because Cannabidiol can interact with the body's natural sleep cycle.

If you're taking other medications with Cannabis, you may experience difficulty in sleep, it's important to talk to your doctor to see if it's the right treatment for you.

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