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Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil

By Juan
Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil

In recent years, there’s been a surge in the popularity of medicinal hemp-based products, specifically CBD. Cannabidiol has many medicinal effects for those who work day and night as truck drivers do.

If you earn while living on the wheel, you’re probably thinking of a solution to your headaches and pain.

Driving a truck needs a lot of concentration, and drivers are always looking for ways to relieve headaches caused by the stressful job, and some are turning to CBD products, which are widely available at truck stops.

However, truck drivers are always worried about the legality of CBD in their jobs. Can truck drivers use CBD oil? Without the risk of losing their license? Is it safe to ingest cannabinoids while driving?

All these questions are a little bit complicated and might be confusing you, but we are here to help you.

Here is your answer:

Yes, truck drivers can use CBD oil – but be careful about what ingredients you’re consuming.

Here is everything that you should need to know as a commercial truck driver!

CBD Oil Legality

In 2018, the federal government of the United States legalized hemp-derived CBD. However, some other states regulate CBD differently, and some trucking companies impose restrictions on their drivers.

Moreover, there are a few things you should know before consuming any type of CBD.

Although CBD is federally legal nationwide which means any USA resident can legally buy CBD products. Also, Farm Bill stated that CBD is only legal when it is extracted from Cannabis or hemp plants, not from Marijuana.

Do you know the difference between Marijuana and Hemp plants? They both come from Cannabis but contain THC at different levels. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive and primary intoxicating compound that is responsible for making people ‘high’.

Under federal law, Cannabis that contains more than 0.3% of THC is classified as Marijuana while Hemp is any Cannabis plant that contains 0.3% of THC or less. Some USA states made legal Marijuana for only medicinal purposes.

However, the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 still makes it illegal on a federal level. It is illegal to consume Delta 9 THC or marijuana-related products while driving a motor vehicle, both at work and at home.

Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

CBD is now legal in the USA, which indicates truck drivers can use CBD oil whenever they want. If you want to try CBD oil, it is better to consume CBD before driving. Some truck drivers reported drowsiness as a side effect after consuming a large dosage.

It gets a little bit tricky when you want to take CBD on the driving job. Although CBD is approved by federal law some states have imposed restrictions on CBD. It becomes complicated when you cross different state borders.

Take notes from all states that you will be passing through before starting your trip and review all restrictions on CBD. If you driving through South Dakota, Nebraska or Idaho, you might face trouble with local police because CBD products are completely banned in these states, even if they contain less than 0.3% of THC.

It’s important to get knowledge about employers’ policies towards CBD. Some companies restrict their drivers from consuming any Cannabis-related products even if they are THC-free.

Why Do Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil has many benefits for truck drivers, ranging from anxiety reduction to better sleep cycles, and helps with numerous negative impacts of driving.

Here is why truck drivers use CBD oil:

  1.   Combat Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

Truck drivers always experience irregular sleep schedules and sleep disorders such as insomnia because of long-haul drives and long overnight shifts. Especially those truck drivers who work for several days for long hours and then have several days off, this causes a restful sleep cycle.

According to the USA National Institute of Health (NIH), more than 20% of truck drivers experienced chronic sleeping disorders.

CBD has a great impact on the sleeping cycle, it helps people to fall asleep faster, and improves the sleeping duration and more restful sleep. When truck drivers have so many hours to rest before their next driving shift, a dose of CBD oil can help them to get deep sleep with immediate relaxation.

  1.   Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Commercial truck driving is a typical yet demanding job and an important profession that requires focus and attention. The NIH reports stated that over 26% of truck drivers are facing depression and 14% of them have anxiety issues.

CBD is known for its health benefits that reduce anxiety and people often feel calm and more relaxed after taking Cannabidiol, anxiety, and depression can cause insomnia and CBD has been proven to treat both of them, CBD can act as an antidepressant and increases serotonin levels.

  1.   Relieves Pain and Driving Discomfort

Whether you are driving for long hours or sitting in the same position for a long time then you are probably experiencing pain, muscles ache, and joint discomfort. The pain can be caused by a lack of blood circulation, inflammation, and irritation from an itchy seatbelt.

CBD reduces driving discomfort and gives you relief from pain by reducing inflammation and letting you feel relaxed. When you feel muscle or joint pain, you can use CBD salves and creams to decrease inflammation.

  1.   High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

According to a study, more than 1/3 of truck drivers experience hypertension. High blood pressure can be caused by genetics or poor diet. Truck drivers are usually supposed to eat mostly fast food, which can result in diabetes and high blood pressure.

Studies on CBD have shown that it doesn’t only reduce high blood pressure but also provides cardiovascular benefits. Cannabidiol relaxes our blood vessels and improves blood circulation in our bodies.

Moreover, it can help in lowering pancreatic inflammation, which can occur as a result of diabetes caused by chronic high blood pressure.

Dot Drug Test for Cannabinoids

DOT stands for Department of Transportation which includes multiple administrations that impose rules on professional truck drivers, school bus drivers, and other transit vehicle operators. This department routinely tests drivers for drugs and alcohol and keeps records of all drivers who tested positive for banned substances.

DOT drug test doesn’t regulate Cannabidiol, which means CBD alone cannot make you fail a DOT drug test. Although CBD can contain THC traces that can cause a positive result on a drug test.

The DOT advised truck drivers and issued a notice about CBD, we have summarized those key points here for you:

  1. The drug test is only for THC but not for Cannabidiol
  2. The FDA doesn’t test Cannabidiol products to verify the legal limit of THC. Due to the lack of federal oversight, these products can contain more than THC amount.
  3. THC amount in CBD can trigger a positive result on a drug test, if you tested positive, the DOT won’t accept any excuse for taking Cannabinoids and you’ll face disciplinary actions.

If you fail a drug test due to THC, the DOT will take a situation as if you were consuming Marijuana.

CBD Oil and Driving Drug Test

CBD oil is not a drug that is used for driving drug tests. As CBD oil can contain THC (active ingredient) which makes it possible to test positive for Marijuana.

You can pass a driving drug test by checking the THC amount in CBD oil, avoid any CBD oil whether it is a broad spectrum or full spectrum, these can contain more than 0.3% of THC.

Does CBD Affect Driving?

As we all know Cannabidiol is mixed with THC, and it can affect your driving. Some truck drivers reported drowsiness when they take a high dosage of CBD, because of THC. Also, check for other medications which can interact with CBD.

No doubt Cannabidiol provides relaxation and improves driving but it can also make driving worst.

Final Words

So when you ask the question, “can truck drivers use CBD oil?” put it simply, yes. A truck driver's only real risk is testing positive for THC on a drug test.

According to Farm Bill CBD is a federally legal, unregulated product, along with its similarity to THC, there is a possibility that it will show up on a driving drug test.

Truck drivers who wish to use CBD oil as a cure for their health must be careful with the type of CBD products they choose.

We recommend you pick the best CBD oil from a renowned company to minimize the risk of testing positive for a driving drug test.

We also recommend that truck drivers avoid broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD oil as they are more likely to contain THC which could result in a positive drug test.

Make sure to take CBD oil that contains 0.3% of THC or less and avoid high dosages that promote drowsiness and dizziness, so it’s better to use CBD oil on your off days.



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