Health Benefits Of CBD For Seniors

Let’s break some stigmas shall we? CBD is the solution to find a natural relief to a myriad of conditions in the aging population. Adding CBD to the daily treatment routine of the elderly is the smartest decision anyone can make. Cannabidiol has zero psychoactive properties, innumerable therapeutic benefits and at Carmen’s we provide several […]


I know there are some women out there who don’t get cramps, mood swings or back and breast pain *eye roll* but the rest of us, mere mortals, do suffer from period pains. And, since literally no woman ever particularly enjoys a painful period, I bring you the shinning goldmine of a solution: CBD. This standout trend soothes […]

ECS: What You Need To Know

The endocannabinoid system or ECS is a network of receptors and transmitters that work hand in hand with the body’s immune system, helping maintain homeostasis*. ECS is responsible for regulating response to diseases, feeding, pain, stress reaction, relaxation, sleep, cognition and memory. The endocannabinoid system consists of three main components: Endocannabinoids: messenger molecules that interact […]

Hemp VS Marijuana

They are not the same thing. Shocking I know. Hemp has been wrongly judged thanks to the many misconceptions about the cannabis plant and the never-ending war on drugs. Both of them come from the same cannabis plant but are completely different in chemical composition and uses. On the one hand, hemp has high levels […]

CBD Benefits For Athletes

CBD enthusiasts have never had it so good (myself included). This oh so mystical compound is becoming more and more available to everyone, and that includes athletes. Here’s the honest to goodness truth of it, CBD is the answer for an improved sports recovery and safer pain relief, which allows athletes and exercise junkies to push harder […]